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Lima Beans by Carmyarmyofme
Lima Beans, a photo by Carmyarmyofme on Flickr.

I make the best Lima beans (sorry Dad, but these are really special).

Sauté a chopped onion in olive oil.
Add several whole cloves of garlic.
Add farro or pearl barley (this one had both because I was using stuff up).
Add miso paste ( I used about 7 or 8 tablespoons).
Add Lima beans (previously soaked over night).
Add water to cover.
Add a couple of sprigs of thyme, a big sprig of rosemary, a spoonful each of dried tarragon and oregano.
Simmer until your beans are soft and ready to eat. 1-2 hours. Maybe 3 if you have stubborn beans.
30 minutes before you are ready to eat, throw some cornbread on to cook. Serve with Greek yogurt or sour cream.


Fried Egg & Asparagus with Tabasco Butter

Sometimes you have to make sh*t up.  I’ve never minded that about cooking – I quite enjoy an opportunity to explore and use my imagination in any context.  Baking is much too structured for me – more precise chemistry and measurement with less room to play.  Cooking requires a bit of improvisation a lot of the time.

My Favorite Ingredients was just a pretty book that caught my eye.  I had never heard of the author, Skye Gyngell, or the restaurant from which she is based, the Petersham Nurseries Café (though now that I have it looks awesome – I wish I had known about it when I visited London last month because I doubt I’ll be back anytime soon).   I picked up the book and began leafing through the gorgeously photographed collection of recipes.  It occurred that the author’s favorite ingredients were much akin to what my own list with the same title might have on it: fish & shellfish, olive oil, citrus, beans & grains, tomatoes, nuts, vinegar, garlic, cheese, honey…. Very closely aligned indeed.  So I checked it out in order to give some of the recipes a whirl.

The improvisation began at the market.  I was lucky enough to have grocery list in hand for the weekly farmer’s market in my neighborhood, but not lucky enough to find all of the things on my list.  “No more blood oranges” said my citrus vendor, “try these instead.”  She let me taste the what-looked-like-navel-oranges but were pinkish inside and I quickly forked over the cash for the delicious fruits.  Later, at the regular grocery store, I also found myself thwarted.  No sage, the dried chiles only came in a 5 lb. bag, phooey.  Well, I’m not the type to run all over town for a couple of ingredients.  It was time to start making sh*t up.

Cara Cara Oranges with Honey & Rosemary

Well, like any bouts of improvisation, you win some and you lose some.  The big winner was the citrus dish.  The new-to-me Cara Cara oranges went fantastically with the warm honey and rosemary.  Instead of dried chiles, I was able to use chili powder and it worked just fine.  A faultless combination of flavors and a superlative finish to our meal.

The lack of sage was not as easily defeated.  At home I had to choose between what I had on hand – dill and mint.  Despite the difference in flavors, we went with mint because we thought it would go best with the garlicky yogurt that was part of the “Fried egg with sage, chile, and garlicky yogurt” recipe.  The featured ingredient in this dish was garlic and it remained king, but clearly sage would have been a superior complement to the dish than mint.

The one recipe that we did not have to alter was the simple but tasty “Asparagus with Tabasco butter”.  The butter was infused with Tabasco, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and salt.  The asparagus was quickly cooked and peppered, then tossed with the infused butter.  Nice.

My Favorite Ingredients by Skye Gyngell.

Verdict: Check it out.

It’s a beautiful and inspiring collection of recipes.